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On the pilgrim path with the Columbans

Last year we were asked by the Columban Mission Society in Australia to organise a pilgrimage through China for their friends, to places of significance in their story.

The Columbans are a society of Catholic priests which since 1918 has been working around the world, including in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Britain, Ireland, China, Japan, Korea, Myanmar (former Burma), Philippines, Taiwan, Pakistan, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and the United States. The society takes its name from St Columban, an Irish priest who went as a missionary to Europe in the sixth century.

In the end, we had 23 travellers from 9 different cities around Australia, and Fr Bernard Dennehy from Auckland. It was a great trip, and a true pilgrimage as we participated in many masses with local congregations and visited historical sites of note in the Columban journey (such as a monument to a young priest from Limerick, Fr Timothy Leonard, who was killed by Red bandits in 1929).

We also made sure to visit many of the major scenic spots along the way, such as the Yangtze River, the Bund, Tiananmen Square and of course the Great Wall.

Here are some reflections from our pilgrims:

"Sino-Immersions went above and beyond the brief to ensure that the 12 day

experience in China was to be an unforgettable experience. Jeremy’s

organisational skills, his attention to detail and his care and concern for all

travellers ensured that the trip through China surpassed all our expectations

and was better than wonderful."

Ms Janette Mentha, Director of Communications and Publications Editor of

The Far East magazine, Missionary Society of St Columban

"Having returned from a 12 day pilgrimage organised by Dr. Jeremy Clarke, and

supported by his staff member Angus, I can only say thank you for such a

tremendous time. Their knowledge of China, its history, its language added a

special dimension, complementing our pilgrimage leader and added so much

to this trip. Dr Clarke’s ability to read the needs of each individual on the trip

helped the whole trip to run smoothly, his ability to be flexible in reading the

situation saw changes to itineraries being made enabling individual needs to

be met. The name Sino-Immersions sums it up completely: we were truly

immersed into China and has left me with a strong desire to return and

experience more of this exciting country."

Mr Ray Lowe, Geraldton

Other reviews will be added soon.

Sino-Immersions is delighted that our pilgrims enjoyed their experience and welcomes others to contact us to go on their own adventure. We like a challenge!

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