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No obligatory visits to jade factories or bad restaurants,

and definitely no walking behind tour guides with flags.

"Dr Clarke has a gift of helping to make China accessible to those who are curious and want to better understand this important culture."

Darren Atkinson, Principal, Aquinas College, Ringwood

We design our tours with you, and this is a key point of difference between us and other companies. We start our conversation by working out what you would like to experience and then we aim to tailor your time around some classic themes and locations, as well as including unexpected, under-explored places.
We start our tours from Australia and the USA, or can even meet you in China. Once there we'll take care of everything- hotels, transfers, meals, train fares, entrance tickets and the like.

We also guide Chinese tourist and business groups overseas, and are able to advise you how to welcome and care for your corporate guests.
Made especially for you
Shanghai's skyline
Forbidden City Museum
301 km per hour on the Maglev
In addition to immersing our travellers in China's history, culture and scenery, we also construct tours around everything from Chinese cuisine to craft brewing, ice sculpture festivals to specialized shopping expeditions.
We enjoy designing corporate team building retreats and experiences, as well as professional development tours. We also link with sporting and cultural events, or help you find great golf courses, cycle rides or fun runs.

Our tours are of benefit to both high school and university/college students: everything from global education, from language immersions and history-themed tours to art appreciation or different religious traditions. We are also open to the the presence of the students' families and teachers, if the educational institution desires that.

All our tours are only limited by your imagination.

You think it and we'll do our best to bring that dream to life.

Contact us now to discuss your own bespoked immersion.
River town
Lilies in the sun
Dragon Wall
Boston College
Getting ready for the Maglev
International Women's Day
Precision Group of Companies
St Ignatius' Parish, Norwood
Our groups include students, private groups, corporate retreats and whoever else wants to experience the wonders of China!
Some of our tours
Immersed in China's beauty


This unique travel experience explores some of China’s beautiful scenic treasures, ranging from peaceful lakes to rugged mountain ranges.  Our specially designed tours include cities like Hong Kong, Macau, Yangshuo, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an, Pingyao, Kaifeng, Qufu, Qingdao, Beijing and Harbin. Bespoke and private tours include the option of any other exciting locations you dream of visiting.

Immersed in China's history


Helping people understand China's history is a key strength of Sino-Immersions. This tour is a must for people interested in the rise of modern China, as well as in its ancient glories. It caters for HSC/VCE/SACE groups (etc), university students, public scholars and private groups. By the end of this tour you will have a deeper understanding of what makes China the nation it is, during both its imperial period and the CCP's rule.

Immersed in China's culture


Come with us to witness some of China's most iconic sites. On our cultural immersions enjoy experiences you've likely only read about, including seeing such marvels as giant pandas, the Great Wall, the terracotta warriors and ancient cities like Nanjing. We uncover moving examples of China's cultural treasures even in the midst of its rapid development.

Immersed in east-west cultural exchange

China has been a crucial player in the global dissemination of knowledge, of goods and of beliefs. Catholic Jesuit missionaries arrived in China near the end of the sixteenth-century and through their legacy it is possible to explore China's long conversation with other cultures. This tour visits fascinating sites of exchange through the country, from the site of Xavier's death off the southern coast to Beijing's Old Summer Palace.


Immersed in a sporting adventure


Australian and US sporting teams are now playing more and more games in China, from Asian Champions League matches through to AFL games. Many US colleges take their sports teams to China for pre-season tours and want to make sure the experience is challenging and educational on and off the court. We can organize specialised supporter and corporate tours, as well as cultural immersion tours for athletes, making every journey a winning event.

Immersed as you like it

Sino-Immersions' team likes nothing better than assisting you create a special bespoked experience for you, your family and friends. Or, perhaps you would like to take your work team to China to explore best practice in your field, or because rope courses and zip lines are not as challenging and rewarding as exploring China with your colleagues. We also work with organisations looking to deepen relationships with their supporters and benefactors through amazing encounters. We will work with you to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

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