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The value of visiting China is immense

Sino-Immersions' director is a keen student of Chinese language and culture - yes, its ongoing! - and has spent significant time in locations throughout China.

As a result our company is well-placed to work with you to create the ideal language and cultural immersion, and much more besides.

These immersions can be short and intense, focusing on language practice (especially aural and oral skills training) in creative, local environments. Our pedagogical philosophy emphasizes encouraging all our travellers to be the subjects and not the objects of the learning process. That is, we're very much about learning from the ground up, in immersive ways.

To this end, we design programmes with you that introduce your students to the beauty and complexity of Chinese history, culture and language and do so by visiting the iconic sites as well as those more off the beaten track. For example, we could be in a classroom in downtown Beijing or Nanjing or Shanghai with native Chinese speakers in the morning and then travel to the Old Summer Palace, or the Nanjing Massacre Museum or the site of the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party in the afternoon.

Our secondary and college tours are ideal for Australian students in the school holidays (be these April, July, September or the summer months) and for US highschool and college students during the northern summer holidays.

It is worth noting too that while language acquisition is one important part of these immersions, it is not only language students who would benefit from an educational journey to China. Students of global education, modern and ancient history, art history and studio art, photography, economics and commerce, geography and home economics.

We welcome the chance to communicate further with you.

Please contact Jeremy Clarke on for further information.

Boston College students in Beijing

Boston College students during a

3 week immersion in Beijing

Joining in withthe locals
Boston College students on a summer course in Beijing
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