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Our Vision

入乡随俗     When entering a village do as the locals do

Let us help you understand China and its citizens more deeply.

At Sino-Immersions we’re passionate about communicating the realities of contemporary China to a broader world.

We are qualified experts committed to long-term, genuine relationships with the people of China.


Sino-Immersions believes in mutual exchange, manifested by a spirit of reciprocity. As such, we promise to listen to your desires and only then seek out ways of responding to your needs.


Our goal is simple: we want to make China easy for you, be that business, cultural awareness training or travel.


We also want to help you build genuine relationships with Chinese people, be these your colleagues, your clients or your investors.

We provide:  Expert Consulting  and  Custom Tours   

Dr Jeremy Clarke in the field
A Parish tour group from Adelaide
Tiananmen Square, Beijing
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