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Twilight cruising on West Lake - 西湖 - Hangzhou

Many of our travellers and clients are amazed at the sheer beauty of China, finding delight in the scenery, in iconic locations such as the Great Wall and the Temple of Heaven, as well as every day sights like someone cooking a pancake on a griddle, items arrayed for sale, or in buildings old and new. We share some of these images here. Please come back often as we're always adding new shots, and also sharing images take by our friends. Our team of tour assistants and researchers are always working away on their knowledge and cultural understandings and these insights are first posted on our blog.

Jing jiang rousi


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Entombed Warriors, Xi'an



Yangshuo's famous mountains


Beijing National Stadium


Camel Sports Bar, Shanghai

Bars and lazy times

Cities and places we love

Harbin Ice Sculptures
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