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We help you understand China more, so you can better relate with your Chinese clients.

There is nothing like seeing for yourself - come see China with us!


“Jeremy and his team were professional and courteous at all times and had a clear understanding and knowledge of the Chinese market. They were helpful in finding areas to improve across our business to assist in attracting and retaining our valuable Chinese customer.”

Ben Mellor, General Manager, Novotel Sydney Central

"Our 2017 company retreat to China was an outstanding success thanks to the extraordinary efforts made by such an experienced tour company, led by Jeremy Clarke. Managing our team of 30 people through a week of busy events and cultural learnings was flawlessly and expertly handled by Jeremy and his team. 


An in depth knowledge of the country and history, deep relationships with the locals and unique places to visit, were just a few of the highlights. What made the week particularly special was the wonderful and friendly manner that all our guests were treated with, answering all our questions and helping us with our countless requests, always with a smile and good humour. Our sincerest gratitude to you and your team Jeremy ! "

Steve Bonett, Executive Director, Precision Group of Companies

"Jeremy's cross-cultural humour was a sheer delight to be afforded throughout our mission.  The way he was able to sew a cohesive thread through those sometimes awkward silences to bring out smiles, laughter and re-invigorate the discussion was not only great fun but was commercially impressive - we lost no momentum, and felt that our hosts at the meetings were most obliging of our delegation's purpose and requirements. 


So, thank you Jeremy! - We wouldn't have made it half way to what we achieved without Jeremy's unique academic and personal skill set.  No-one should visit China for business without you."

Will Colhoun B.Sc. (Aviation) | SFX Design Consultant,

Founder and Creative Director, Big Kahuna Imagineering

Dr Clarke led my wife and I on a tour of China that involved business, tourism and engagement with influential individuals involved in the area of Education. He was very accommodating to our demands and was excellent company and a wealth of knowledge. Dr Clarke has lived and studied in China and his contacts and  language skills including even dialects were impressive. His knowledge of local foods also enhanced our travels and meals and thus dining also became a memorable highlight of our travels. 

We were able to see and experience much more than any of our friends who have traveled on their own or in a large tour group.


My wife and I have traveled extensively and this trip with Dr Clarke was one of the memorable experiences we have had. We would highly recommend

Dr Clarke for anyone considering visiting China."


Mr Shane Hogan, Principal, Kambala School, Sydney

Headmaster of St Ignatius' College, Riverview, 2002-2013

"Jeremy travelled with Will Colhoun and myself on a recent business trip to Shenzen.  Jeremy was our guide for our first business trip to the mainland and was there to both manage cultural and language barriers. 


Our trip was most successful and it is fair to say much of the success was due to Jeremy's ability to understand and manage the cultural differences and translate fluently in a technical area (LED screen technology).  Both Will and I enjoyed Jeremy's company and could not recommend him highly enough for anyone looking for these services in a business context ." 

Justin Herlihy, CEO Big Kahuna Imagineering


Our tour of China was a true pleasure. Jeremy was able to show us China today while placing what we experienced in the context of China of yesteryear and China in the World. We were taken off the usual tourist tracks and were able to experience food from hawkers in the back streets of Shanghai, eateries and watering holes frequented by locals and experience the Chinese version of Uber!

The trip was a mixture of historical sites, sweeping landscapes through to modern galleries all arranged with what seemed a minimum of fuss and a maximum of expertise. We experienced the Big Things that every trip to China includes as well as a unique insight into life and forces guiding China today that only an expert in China such as Jeremy can bring to the table.

I can highly recommend Sino-Immersions for those wanting a unique trip to China.


Dr Anica Vasic

Entranced, we Sino-Immersion Tragics followed the seductive songs of our very own Pied Piper… Dr Jeremy Clarke, ably accompanied by one of Sino-Immersions Tour Assistants, Sam Shriver.

Each day was a brain feast of vignettes of history, food, politics both contemporary and ancient, culture, art and philosophy as he lured us to a deeper understanding of the Chinese Psyche. ...

Jeremy’s relentless good humour rubbed off on the locals and although many spoke as little English as my Chinese they were anxious to communicate their pleasure in our company, volunteering to appear in our group photos and inviting us to appear in theirs. These contacts were deftly guided by our piper and great goodwill was shared on both sides. ...

Each day was a kaleidoscope of wonders laid on by a smooth running team with meticulous, well oiled arrangements.

The tireless Taff solved all our problems with dispatch and humour.


Throughout we enjoyed the local cooking in regional family style local restaurants. The uniform excellence of these and Jeremy’s familiarity with them reflected that these were a product of significant research resulting in meals highlighting local produce and cooking practice and we were newly educated in “Chinese“. Never a dull moment as we experimented our way through the menu.


What a tour … Roll on the next one! With great gratitude for the experience,

John and Maureen Stack

"Our tour through China, with Dr Jeremy Clarke as leader, was the best that we have experienced in group travel.  The itinerary was appropriately flexible, Jeremy was able to read the energy and mood of the travellers and catered for the participants accordingly.


Jeremy’s grasp of multiple Chinese dialects and extensive personal contacts opened many doors that might otherwise have been closed.  On occasions his fluent use of language was cause for great excitement amongst the locals.


Jeremy’s intimate knowledge of all things Chinese: the history, arts and culture, food, and the back streets was invaluable and a great asset to our group.  Our experience was informative, immersive and exciting.  We highly recommend any tour that you would be privileged to enjoy under the guidance of Dr Jeremy Clarke."


Mark & Sue McGinnity, Monivae College, Hamilton, Victoria

"I was privileged to have been selected to tour with Dr. Jeremy Clarke to China in September 2015 as part of a school leaders' immersion. I was really blown away by how much we were able to cover and experience of China in only 12 days. This was due to Dr. Jeremy Clarke's extensive knowledge, experience and amazing language skills throughout the country.


The diversity of experiences from this tour has created long lasting memories that I will be forever grateful for. Dr Clarke's passion, his energy and gift of story telling in regards to the history of China is one of the many highlights for us as a tour group. Some of the many other highlights were wandering through the backstreets of Macau, looking out from Shangchuan Island to reflect on the final days of St Francis Xavier, visiting Buddhist temples, strolling through the beautiful gardens on offer and of course climbing the Great Wall of China.


Some of my best memories are the dining experiences with the locals both in the small back streets to the fine dining restaurants sampling the full range of Chinese Cuisine, the great wine bars and mostly, the walking, talking and laughter along the way. I could not have asked for a better immersion."


Fiona Devlin, Head of Xavier House, Loyola College, Watsonia.


Individual Journeys

"Finding Matteo Ricci's grave is a challenge for the first time visitor to China. Getting access to the grave is another matter. Only an accomplished guide like Jeremy knows which Chinese official to ask. Jeremy shares his deep knowledge of China, church history and relations with the West generously and effortlessly. He is  equally authoritative and at home in the Forbidden City and at the shrine of Our Lady of Sheshan, Shanghai.


He combines learning and pleasure putting the anxious and curious equally at ease."


Fr Frank Brennan SJ AO

“I have on two occasions been part of a group guided through China by Dr Jeremy Clarke.  His knowledge of the history, his fluency in the language, his ability to pick out the most appropriate places for a visit, and his knowledge of places away from the tourist track which provide very enjoyable opportunities to dine and relax and which give a glimpse of how the mainstream Chinese people live and work all helped produce an experience that was intriguing, educative, relaxing and which opened up new vistas of appreciation of another culture. 


Dr Clarke manifests a competence at many levels, and I recommend him very strongly.”

Bishop Greg O'Kelly, SJ, Port Pirie Diocese

Group and Parish Pilgrimages
With the Columbans in China

"The Columban pilgrimage with Jeremy and Angus of Sino-immersions in October 2018 required careful negotiation of access to sites that were of interest to us, and flexibility and organisational skills necessary to deal with changes to plans as the tour progressed. I was very pleased with the way the pilgrimage turned out.


Jeremy’s knowledge of language gave the group confidence that he could deal expertly with any situation we came across. In his conversations with local people, he was able to give me an insight into the way they prefer to interact, which was enlightening and rewarding.


His knowledge and appreciation of China as well as his obvious enjoyment of being in China added a great deal to the value of the tour. These qualities extended to his inspired choices for dining, so that every meal had its own distinctive and pleasing character."

John Regan, Sydney, With the Columbans in China, 2018

"Having returned from a 12 day pilgrimage organised by Dr. Jeremy Clarke - and supported by his staff member Angus - I can only say thank you for such a tremendous time.


Their knowledge of China, its history, its language added a special dimension, complementing our pilgrimage leader and added so much to this trip. Dr Clarke’s ability to read the needs of each individual on the trip helped the whole trip to run smoothly, his ability to be flexible in reading the situation saw changes to itineraries being  made enabling individual needs to be meet.


The name Sino Immersions sums it up completely we were truly immersed into China and has left me with a strong desire to return and experience more of this exciting country."

Ray Lowe, Geraldton WA, With the Columbans in China, 2018

"Thank you to Jeremy Clarke and his team for our spectacular Pilgrimage to China to celebrate 100 years of Columban Mission.

With 23 travellers of diverse ages, we were led through China to many historical sites where Columbans began their mission in 1920. Having lived and studied in China, and with his knowledge not only of Chinese history and culture but of Columban history as well, Jeremy made every place that we visited ‘come alive’.

Sino Immersions went above and beyond the brief to ensure that the 12 day experience in China was to be an unforgettable experience.


Jeremy’s organisational skills, his attention to detail and his care and concern for all travellers ensured that the trip through China surpassed all our expectations and was better than wonderful."

Janette Mentha, Director of Communications and Publications, Editor of The Far East magazine

Missionary Society of St Columban, With the Columbans in China, 2018

St Ignatius' Parish, Norwood, SA,  China Pilgrimage, 2016

"Congratulations and a thousand thanks to Jeremy and his team for our wonderful travel experience on our recent China Pilgrimage. We have praise for all aspects of the tour, from the efficient organisation, to Jeremy's skilful negotiating skills, his food selection and his constant attention to the entire group.

It was extremely customised, personal, reflective yet inspirational and an eye opener to us all."

Nick & Dora Cavuoto - October 2016

"Jeremy gave us tantalising glimpses of the colossus that is modern China, an appreciation of the great and lasting contribution Jesuits have made to China stretching back 5 centuries and an affirmation of the universality and enduring vitality of our Faith."

Terry Reilly - Norwood Parish Pilgrim October 2016

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