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Consulting services

Looking to be China-ready?   We can help.

准备好了吗 ?

Being China-ready is much more than saying "Nĭn hăo" and  accepting a business card in two hands.


Engaging with China involves understanding a complex system of interpersonal interactions, the rules of which continue to be great unknown unknowns for most businesses, to their cost. Simply, most companies don't realise what they do not know, and that they are missing even basic cues.


Think how much relationships would improve and more revenue could be generated with even only a small increase in genuine cultural knowledge. This knowledge would assist all of your staff, from CEO to concierge.


Sino-Immersions has that knowledge, and we're ready to advise you.

Our Clients say the following:

"Dr Jeremy Clarke's consulting and professional coaching session on Sino-relations was hugely insightful and beneficial for all staff in our Hong Kong office, particularly in the current political environment. 


His knowledge of China, its culture, history and business acumen is extensive and is critically important for our businesses success.


As an Australian business based in Hong Kong with majority expat staff, a deeper of understanding of China is of utmost importance; I’d highly recommend him to any business with direct or indirect relations with China."

Tim Gunning, former CEO, Ord Minnett

“Jeremy and his team were professional and courteous at all times and had a clear understanding and knowledge of the Chinese market.


They were helpful in finding areas to improve across our business to assist in attracting and retaining our valuable Chinese customer.”

Mr Ben Mellor, former General Manager, Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney

Precision Group Retreat, Beijing

Colleagues enjoying their visit to the Great Wall

"Our 2017 company retreat to China was an outstanding success thanks to the extraordinary efforts made by such an experienced tour company, led by Jeremy Clarke.


Managing our team of 30 people through a week of busy events and cultural learnings was flawlessly and expertly handled by Jeremy and his team."

Mr Steve Bonett, Executive Director, Precision Groups of Companies

Executiv Director, Steve Bonett, Prec

What we offer

China can be daunting because it seems far away and culturally different.

Our consulting services draw upon our deep knowledge of China’s history, culture and language. We want to help you understand China more, so you can relate better with Chinese clients, colleagues and friends.

Our areas of expertise include commerce, education, east-west cultural exchange and Chinese consumer behaviour.


We can assist businesses at all stages of operations. This includes:

  • evaluating how welcoming your business is for Chinese clients (i.e. a whole of operations audit)

  • intensive staff training,

  • executive assistance,

  • research and product development,

  • site visits and in-country retreats,

  • contract negotiations and

  • advice on social media strategies.

We are also able to help your business be better prepared for Chinese visitors and patrons.


  • 1.2 million Chinese tourists spent more than $8.3 billion in Australia in 2016.

  • During 2015, 2.5 million Chinese tourists visited the USA.

  • Numbers are expected to reach 6.5 million Chinese visitors per year by 2020.


Smart businesses need to be China-ready. We can identify weaknesses and opportunities in order to help you construct the best plan for your China business goals. We can also conduct an essential audit of the services you presently offer to Chinese clients and to clients dealing with China, to reveal areas of growth and ways to increase revenue.

​At the same time, we can also help you successfully navigate your way to a deeper, more mutually-beneficial relationship with China and your Chinese clients.

We call this Sino-proofing your business. Our client list includes organisations in the corporate and education spheres.

We have worked with big organizations like Accor Hotels, Ord Minnett, the Precision Group of Companies and Hill and Rogers, as well as smaller firms like Big Kahuna Imagineering.

Our consulting within the education sector in Australia includes work with the Principals Association of Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools, Sydney Catholic Schools, The Scots College, Bellevue Hill, St Vincent's College, Potts Point, St Augustine's, Brookvale, Aquinas College, Ringwood and the Jesuit and Ignatian partner schools, including such schools as Xavier College, Melbourne, St Ignatius' College, Adelaide and St Aloysius' College, Milsons Point.

For further comments from satisfied clients please see here: Reviews.

For more information and for advice about how to be China-Ready please email  for a consultation now. We are ready to Sino-proof your business.

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