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Tours for Groups and Friends

Our tours are only limited by your imagination!

While there are many cities and places that are most likely on the "Top 5" lists - the things that everyone wants to see (as for instance the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors and so on) - we welcome the opportunity to craft your special trip with you.

It might be that you wish not only to climb the Great Wall but also to practice yoga on a mountain-top at dawn. We are willing to try to make that happen too (and that's an easy one actually).

Our team of tour assistants and researchers are constantly researching and visiting disparate places throughout China so that we can keep our journeys and immersions fresh and vital.


Some of these journeys and the insights gained from them can be read about on our blog or observed through our various social media feeds.

As such we are confident that through a process of conversation, suggestion and engagement we will be able to plan and lead you on an unforgettable journey to this most important, fascinating and beautiful country.

At different times of the year we will advertise specific tours, but otherwise contact us to begin to plan your dream holiday with you own family, friends and whoever else you want on your bespoked your of China.

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