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Corporate tours

We wouldn't have made it half way to what we achieved without Jeremy's unique academic and personal skill set.  No-one should visit China for business without you."

Will Colhoun B.Sc. (Aviation) | SFX Design Consultant,

Founder and Creative Director, Big Kahuna Imagineering

Our Sino-Immersions team members have great experience in a range of fields.


As a team we bring together sustained and expert knowledge of China's history, culture, politics and contemporary affairs.


We also bring to bear our disparate interests and skill sets when we create your company's bespoked corporate retreat, in-country in-service and training seminar, or site visits and official meetings.

Our bi-lingual staff, our grass-roots knowledge of China and our capacity and determination to provide you and your company the chance to experience the realities of modern China enable us to provide you with unique, valuable and worthwhile programmes.

Segways on Tiananmen Square

We help you understand what you see

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