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Tours pre-Covid

Our young company has been busy since its inception in 2016.

Since then, we have conducted 13 different tours, with more than 100 people on our tours.

We were busy prior to Covid shutdowns, including such things as accompanying an innovative Australian company on site visits to factories and showrooms in southern China, and leading one of our signature 12-day tours to China's wonders. After some research trips to the Harbin Ice Festival, Pingyao Walled Village, Kaifeng and Qufu (Confucius' home town), we also led another group of Australians on our luxury tour - Immersed in China's Iconic Beauty.

In our additional years of business we were also asked to assist the Precision Group of Companies with their staff retreat in Beijing, and enjoyed leading 26 of these great people through cultural learnings and to interesting sites. Later we also accompanied teachers and leaders from The Scots College on a formational immersion experience.

One of our special areas of expertise is in introducing China's religious history to people, parishes and schools, including on pilgrimages or via visits to Buddhist and Daoist temples. So far we have led a parish from South Australia, teachers from the Jesuit and Ignatian schools of Australia, friends and supporters of the Columban Missionary Society and a group of Principals from the Principals of Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools Association.

To read more about others' experiences and to have a sense of what you too can enjoy, we have included some reports and reviews of these tours. Other reviews are in the link: here.

Click on the following links to hear about other people's experiences and get your own imagination jumping!

The itinerary for our "Immersed in China's iconic beauty tour" might provide a useful starting point for you and your friends to think about possibilities:

China's Iconic Beauty: 6 -18 March, 2017

Street markets
Marco Polo Bridge


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Our pilgrimages include sites like Macau, that are richly evocative in terms of east-west cultural exchange.

We also include the itinerary for our parish pilgrimage to share with your friends:

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