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Harbin Winter Ice Festival

Impressions of Hangzhou

Immersed in China's Iconic Beauty,     April 14, 2018 - April 25,2018

                   Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Pingyao Village and Beijing

                                                [Click on each city's name below for more information]

Plus a chance to see the Pandas, April 11-14

Terracotta Warriors

SHANGHAI:    The evening river cruise past the Bund, with its Art-Deco buildings fronting

                          futuristic skyscrapers, is a Shanghai must. We'll also stroll the former French

                          Concession, taste xiaolong dumplings and enjoy China's largest city.

HANGZHOU:   Who can miss 'paradise on earth'? For centuries Hangzhou has been

                           a beacon for travellers looking for fine food and culture. There are Buddhist

                           temples, art galleries, street markets and of course the stunning West Lake.

XI'AN:            The famous Silk Road began here and many travelers passed through Xian's

                         gates. We will visit the Drum and Bell Towers, then stand before the serried  

                         ranks of the Entombed Warriors. On New Year's Eve, we'll feast at the

                         ancient Muslim food street and then visit great bars and craft breweries.

PINGYAO:        Trade the noise of daily life for the timeless quiet of Buddhist temples and

                           this picturesque ancient village. We'll walk its streets, climb its city walls,  

                           admire the wooden architecture and reflect at the Confucian Temple.

BEIJING:           We race here on our final stop. After the Forbidden City and the Great Wall,

                           we will wander down hutongs as we shop at artisanal boutiques and pop

                           into local restaurants, including delicious Beijing Duck.

The Practicals, about how we do it:

Let us do all the worrying for you. The almost all-inclusive price (you buy your own alcohol for instance!) includes:

  • this Iconic Beauty tour is fully accompanied by Dr Jeremy Clarke, Sino-Immersions' founder and Director, who provides expert commentary every day and helps you immerse in unique experiences,

  • we provide all meals (as indicated), from fine dining to experiences in hole-in-the-wall home-style restaurants,

  • we stay in centrally-located minimum 4 star hotels - with their great breakfasts - and supply all internal transfers door-to-door so you don't fight with taxi touts,

  • our programme combines a mixture of expert guiding, street wandering and free time, so that you are not kept captive on buses with the local comedian or forced to have fun with strangers, you participate as you wish,

  • we pay absolutely all tips in China (that's right, you don't tip!) as well as museum fees and entrance tickets,

  • we also organise local guides along the way, who provide inside knowledge without whining,

  • We organize international flights (if you want) and all trains, buses and taxis, and advise on visas, pre-departure readings and other preparatory details,

  • Importantly, we also promise not to visit boring jade factories or inflict our best mate's noodle store upon you!

Our Immersed in China's Iconic Beauty tour also has the advantage of going at a time of year when you can walk down streets without feeling you're in the middle of a mass rally and the sky provides a backdrop for beautiful photos.


        Would you like to know more about this wonderful and unique opportunity?

Contact us now to ask questions and to find out more.

We are accepting travelers with enquiring minds from Australia and the USA.

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