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"Shanghai, my personal favourite, lived up to its buzz as China's most dynamic city. Our stay in the four-star Sofitel Shanghai Hyland, on Nanjing Road, backing on to the Bund with its art-deco, neo-gothic buildings of the1930s was for four days but could have stretched 14."

Garrett Jones, a happy traveller

Garrett (with binoculars) and friends

Shanghai is a must-see for any traveler, with its rich history and wonderful sights. Although the city boomed after the mid-nineteenth century opium wars, it existed long before that. The river running through the middle of the city both connected it with the coast and beyond but also with a vibrant mercantile region. As such, Shanghai has had people flocking to its walls for centuries.

Sino-Immersions likes to bring our travelers here, so that they can experience the east-west cultural exchange displayed in the architecture, and then feast on classic dumpling dishes. The views are sublime and although the city is massive and energetic - and has a Magnetic levitation train that travels at over 300km/h - there is still always time for a cup of tea and a lazy beverage.

Shanghai is also a convenient place to then launch our tours to different parts of the country, either by train to cities like Hangzhou and Suzhou, or plane to cities like Guilin (and nearby Yangshuo), Xi'an and Harbin.

Our April  Immersed in China's Iconic Beauty tour will begin here, and include a river cruise.

Pudong at night
Tianzifang markets
Photographer at large
Pudong by day
Shanghai dumpling shop
Classy Restaurants
Xiaolong bao
Spring flowers
Maglev and Metro
Maglev first-timers
Banquet time
Majestic Theatre
Art Deco
Truth in advertising
Shanghai tea house
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