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Immersed in China's Iconic Beauty,

March 2017

Memories of a Magical Journey

John and Maureen Stack share their reflections on

their recent journey through beautiful China

"Each day was a brain feast of vignettes of history, food, politics both contemporary and ancient, culture, art and philosophy..."

Maureen and John are befriended in Yangshuo

Memories of a Magical Journey

Entranced, we Sino-Immersion Tragics followed the seductive songs of our very own Pied Piper… Dr Jeremy Clarke, ably accompanied by one of Sino-Immersions Tour Assistants, Sam Shriver.

Each day was a brain feast of vignettes of history, food, politics both contemporary and ancient, culture, art and philosophy as he lured us to a deeper understanding of the Chinese Psyche.

Traipsing behind on the daily journey through the local sights, smells and sounds we feasted on morsels of the long past, the current scandals and the ambitions and patience of the monster tribe that is modern China.


We learned of their ancient discoveries in the sciences, arts, war, politics public administration and craft beer. The humour, scholarship and experience of the country, informing the commentary kept us spellbound.

Jeremy’s relentless good humour rubbed off on the locals and although many spoke as little English as my Chinese they were anxious to communicate their pleasure in our company, volunteering to appear in our group photos and inviting us to appear in theirs. These contacts were deftly guided by our piper and great goodwill was shared on both sides.

The whimsy of the Chinese was a surprise and Jeremy’s perception of the punning going down in the interplay between the shape of the characters and their meaning opened this aspect of the culture to us.

And the sights ... the Wall, the museums, the parks the monuments the landscapes, the Bund, The Forbidden City, the art deco pubs and buildings, the light show in Yangshuo, the markets, the restaurants, the craft beers.


The tour organisation was seamless as hotels, restaurants, trains, buses, markets, planes, museum tickets, coffee shops, all glided into view on time, on program.

Each day was a kaleidoscope of wonders laid on by a smooth running team with meticulous, well oiled arrangements. The tireless Taff solved all our problems with dispatch and humour.

Throughout we enjoyed the local cooking in regional family style local restaurants. The uniform excellence of these and Jeremy’s familiarity with them reflected that these were a product of significant research resulting in meals highlighting local produce and cooking practice and we were newly educated in “Chinese“. Never a dull moment as we experimented our way through the menu.


What a tour … Roll on the next one!


With great gratitude for the experience,

John and Maureen Stack

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