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Give Dad the gift of the Great Wall

It's that time of year again in Australia, when Dads across the country wonder in dread whether they'll crack the Father's Day trifecta of new socks, aftershave and a few bottles of craft beer.

Fear not, Sino-Immersions has the gift for all families wanting to give Dad the best ever present. 'Cheers Dad', you can say, as you send him to China and the Great Wall, on our Immersed in China's Winter Wonderland Tour.

The Great Wall of China

Boswell, the chronicler of Samuel Johnson's every thought, once noted that Johnson had :

"expressed a particular enthusiasm with respect to visiting the wall of China. I catched it for the moment, and said I really believed I should go and see the wall of China had I not children, of whom it was my duty to take care.

"Sir, (said he,) by doing so, you would do what would be of importance in raising your children to eminence. There would be a lustre reflected upon them from your spirit and curiosity. They would be at all times regarded as the children of a man who had gone to view the wall of China. I am serious, Sir."

Help your Dad of whatever age become "a man who has viewed the Wall of China."

Better, get him to climb it with us, standing tall and thanking his kids for their generosity.

Our Winter Wonderland tour - as in fact all of our tours - make sure to include a visit to this must-see iconic site. The Great Wall of China has enthralled travellers for centuries, and it never ceases to surprise. The beauty of buying your Dad a Great Wall visit in Winter is that there are less people, great views and the walk in the cold will make him feel even more justified in having a quiet refresher afterwards in one of Beijing's many fine establishments. He can even still get a few craft beers as well.

Our Winter Tour will also include the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, Shanghai's great architecture, the remote walled city of Pingyao and of course the amazing sculptures of Harbin.

Contact us for more details, or email me on

A great Father's Day present

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