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Ignatian Teachers in China

On Monday, 9 teachers and administrators from the Australian Jesuit and Companion Schools will embark on an Ignatian formation tour through China, learning about the rich history of east-west cultural exchange.

Chapel at Shangchuan Island, where St Francis Xavier died

Once more it will be led by Dr Jeremy Clarke, although this time as the Director of Sino-Immersions, his new China business consulting and bespoked touring company. He jokes and says, 'finally, on my 6th trip, I'll earn a few dollars out of this expertise and selfless effort!'

This time teachers and administrators come from across the country including from St Ignatius' College, Adelaide, Xavier College (Kostka Hall campus) Melbourne, St Aloysius' College, Sydney, St Ignatius' College, Drysdale, Loyola College, Watsonia and Xavier Catholic College, Ballina. They will be accompanied as chaplain by Fr David Ryan, SJ.

On past journeys, participants also included staff from St Ignatius' College Riverview, Loyola Senior High School, Mount Druitt and John XXIII College, Perth.

For the first few days the group will visit sites in Macau, that entrepôt rich in history, and then will cross the border and make their winding way to Shangchuan Island, off the coast of Guangdong province. Well, that is if weather is favorable. Once, with the parish of St Ignatius Norwood led by the intrepid Fr Paul Mullins and on another occasion with Fr Frank Brennan SJ (the voice of sanity in the Australian Church) typhoons and massive waves prevented the ferries from running.

If we do catch that ferry we'll be able to stand on the beach where St Francis Xavier breathed his last, and gaze back towards the coast of China, his long-sought for goal.

There, in the chapel built as a place of prayer, the staff will reflect upon their ministry as teachers and educators, and those from Adelaide might also be praying for the Crows as well.

Please keep us in your thoughts, forward this blog to those who might be interested and follow our journey on facebook (Sino-Immersions) and Instagram (@sino_immersions).

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