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Through the camera's lens

One of the immensely rewarding aspects of building bridges between China and the world - one of Sino-Immersions' great strengths - is seeing the manner in which people engage in what is often a unique experience for them.

Sino-Immersions has led many groups of educators and students around disparate parts of China and its always fascinating noticing the manner in which the teachers will observe classrooms and students, and students will observe and interact with their peers. After all, it is tempting to see what we know, and in China we sometimes need to know what we're looking at to see it properly. This is why our bilingual tour assistants and researchers are so valuable (see under 'Our Team' for who they are).

On our recent Immersed in China's Iconic Beauty tour (usually held in March, because of the beauties of early spring blossoms) we had a real mix of people from various professions and walks-of-life. Each brought their own interests and life experience to the journey.

Julie Byrnes, photographer

One such traveller was artist Julie Byrnes, pictured here. Julie has worked in many media and takes special delight in photography. China has a rich history of photography, even from some of the earliest days of the technology, as described so fulsomely by Sino-Immersions' great friend, academic and art-historian Dr Claire Roberts. (China and Photography, Reaktion: London, 2012).

Julie brought an artist's eye to what she was seeing, taking a keen interest in the food and architecture, the arts and the faces of those she saw during our highly enjoyable 12 day tour. In her photographs, Julie captured an amazing array of quotidianal China, and is happy for us to share some of her work with a broader audience. Thus, we take great delight in directing people towards Julie's webpage and, as ever, welcome enquiries about your next travel adventure: a bespoked tour of China with Sino-Immersions. For further, please see the wonderful work of Julie at:

Thanks Julie for letting us share it, and for being such good company!

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