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Spring flowers and blue sky

Magnolias coming out to greet Shanghai's sun

There can be no denying that when the smog lies heavy on China's cities - as sadly it often can - then no matter how historic or how important the site, the view can be miserable and bleak. Yet on those days when the sky is blue and the sun is out, the scenery and street scapes can be simply stunning. We were lucky enough on day 1 of our Immersed in China's Iconic Beauty tour to have a ripper of a day.

Art Deco feature from Hudec's Park Hotel

In the shade the temperature was a cooler 13 degrees (55 degrees Fahrenheit) but when in the sun the heat felt great and the city's beauty was on show. Our group was having a nice mellow afternoon walk, preparing for the river cruise this evening and as we made our way to the architect Laszlo Hudec's famous Park Hotel we passed some beautiful flower displays, stark against the briliant blue sky.

Sometimes you just get lucky.

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