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Sino-Immersions' Principal, Dr Jeremy Clarke, PhD, is greatly assisted by the advice, wisdom and experience of our Advisory Board. These fine people from Australia and the USA give of their time to help in the progress of this young company.


Tim Jarvis, Sydney


Tim has over 20 years’ experience investing in domestic and off-shore real estate markets, most recently as the co-founder and principal of AGNITIO, for award winning credit and real estate securities portfolios of up to $1.5bn. He has over 5 years’ experience helping preside over the governance of corporate and not-for-profit entities as a non-executive director and is an occasional advisor to corporates, not-for-profits and family offices on investment, project, portfolio and asset management related matters.

Tim's early interest in China, and Asia, was sparked by his high school Mandarin teacher, Mrs Wong. Studying Mandarin at an early age endeared China, and Asia, to him. Further Asian studies followed at university, including classes in Kunming (1999) and Shanghai (2000-2001). A number of years working and living in Singapore with his family (2007-2010) presented wonderful opportunities to explore South East, Central and Northern Asia.

In Tim's words:


"I’m passionate about Sino-Immersions because I’m both a strong advocate of the Principal but also because it helps break down cultural barriers that needn’t necessarily exist between Australia and Asia.


Australia’s role as a strategically important geopolitical tell-tale will only be sustained if we continue to understand Australia’s changing role in the Asian region. To achieve this we need to get immersed!"   

Kate Murray_headshot.png

Kate Murray, Washington DC

Kate Murray is in the final year of a graduate degree at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to that Kate was a Manager of Entrepreneur Selection & Growth at Endeavor, Detroit, a global nonprofit that supports high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets worldwide.  Kate enjoys working in the world of economic development, but her one true love will always be the fascinating relationship between the United States and China.


Kate learned her first Chinese words at age ten from a “Big Bird in China” song.  Since then, she spent ten years studying Mandarin in the classroom and one semester living in Beijing during her junior year of college.  She dug further into U.S.-China relations during her senior year during her first degree, researching and writing a thesis titled Bashful or Brash: An Examination of the Chinese Response to the Pivot.


Today, Kate tries to keep up with her Mandarin as much as possible, and to use her understanding of Chinese language, culture, and politics to help the entrepreneurs that she works with. 


Kate is a proud Boston College Eagle with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Chinese. 

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